What We Do?

Pre-Production Services


Story and content creation

We have access to specialised scriptwriters and screenplay writers who can help in development of stories and content creation. They are equipped with writing fiction, non-fiction and documentary creation stories spanning across genres of mythology, crime, thriller, romance and much more. Part of story building is creating a universe in which the characters reside, with the years of experience of the writers, we believe in immersing the audience into the world shown on screen.

Book Adaptation

One of the key services offered by our production house for book adaptations into films or OTT series is a dedicated team of experts specializing in scriptwriting and screenplay adaptation. We understand the intricate process of translating the written word into captivating visuals, ensuring that the essence and spirit of the original work are preserved. Our team of experienced screenwriters carefully dissects the source material, identifying the core elements that will resonate with audiences. They then craft a compelling and well-structured screenplay that brings the story to life on the screen, capturing the nuances and emotions of the book. With a deep appreciation for both literature and film, we aim to create adaptations that not only do justice to the source material but also resonate with viewers, whether they are long-time fans of the book or newcomers to the story.


Budgeting and scheduling

Our team meticulously plans and organizes a project's financial resources and timelines to ensure a seamless production process from inception to completion. We apply our expertise to budgeting the project and scheduling the required number of days and locations.

Location scouting

Leveraging our experience and industry connections, we unearth the ideal backdrop for your story, be it a bustling cityscape, tranquil countryside, or any distinctive location that enriches your narrative. Our established network includes associations with studios and other line producers, facilitating a streamlined process.


Talent acquisition

Furthermore, our extensive network enables us to connect you with the finest actors, crew members, and creative talent, ensuring your project benefits from top-tier expertise. This encompasses access to emerging talents, seasoned theatre performers, and creative individuals who share a deep passion for the art.

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